It is often said that one man has to fall for another to rise. That statement brings to mind the careers of two artistes, Tekno and Terry G.

One of the most difficult things in the music industry is to be a successful commercial music producer and artiste at the same time. Even in America, which, perhaps, has the most vibrant music industry, no one has made a real mark as a producer-artiste.

Here in Nigeria, Terry G is the only person to have achieved this feat. He rose to reckoning as a producer, recorded several hits himself and successfully merged the two until some four years ago, when demand for his brand in both fields, especially production, dropped.

And just as he took everyone by surprise with his meteoric rise, Pana singer, Tekno, has taken over Terry’s former position in the process.

When Chocolate City singer, Victoria Kimani, was still struggling to have her breakthrough hit, it was Tekno who helped her out by producing the smash hit, Show, for her. It was he who produced Panya for Bracket, when their hits had dried up and also aided Ice Prince to have his real last hit, Boss.

And just in case you don’t know, the monster hit by Davido, Fia, was produced by him as well.

He produced all these hits and others while releasing and performing his own hits that include Dance, Duro, Diana, Wash, Pana, Samantha and Go.

The late OJB Jezreel also tried his best to be a successful producer-artiste, but it didn’t work out for him. Others who also tried and failed include Sheyman and Paul IK Dairo. Del B is still trying his best to achieve the feat.