Contrary to reports suggesting that singer Terry G who crashed his car last Saturday is in a terrible condition and may have to be flown abroad, multiple sources close to the singer-producer, including our reporters, who spent time with him on Monday, have told us the singer’s condition is stable, and there’s ‘no cause for alarm’.

Terry was returning home from a Friday night out with some members of his House of Ginjah crew, when his car, a Toyota Camry, ran into a road demarcation around Chemiron on Metalbox road, around Ogba in Lagos. The car was damaged beyond repairs, and Terry and his friends were lucky to escape with only minor injuries.

The young music star spent the past few days in Triumph Hospital, on Unity road, Ikeja, running different scans and recuperating.

With his manager Ayodeji and his parents by his bedside, and reporters trooping in and out, it wasn’t long before everyone in the area knew a special patient was in the small hospital.

‘He’s very okay and responding to treatment, we’ve seen all his test results and there’s no cause to worry’ a Doctor at Triumph tells us. His manager had earlier informed us Terry was complaining of serious neck pains. When our reporters saw him on Monday, he had a collar round his neck. Sources say he will carry the collar for a while.

Meanwhile, according to a statement from his media rep, the singer was discharged at about 4PM today.

‘‘As you can see, I am getting better and I hope to be back on my feet soon. I want to thank all my fans and well wishers for their concern. Their love and care is even making me stronger. Thank God I am alive and getting better” Terry was quoted to have said in the statement