Terry G has been on a media campaign to revamp his image following series of breach of contract with show promoters and reports of sanity to place him as a brand sane and fit for corporate endorsement. The rebrand attempt hits his first fail as another promoter, Bluestorm Entertainment recent informed of Terry G breaching a contract.

Terry G was paid the sum of $10,000 to perform at the Republic of Cyprus on the 21st and 22nd of May at the official Spring Fling party. The promoter informs he also already paid for his [Terry’s] return ticket and accommodation on arrival but he refused to show up. Terry G in a facebook post then announced he was hospitalized on that day at Triumph Hospital, Ikeja Lagos but Organizer have threatened to go on with the legal action against Terry G insisting he was at an event at Lagos Sheraton Hotel a day before and the news of been sick was false but a deliberate move to fraud him..

Terry G is asking that the organizers fix a new date but rep of Bluestorm insist on going ahead with the legal actions as ‘he shouldn’t eat his cake and have it’