Nollywood actress, Victoria Inyama, is gradually making name for herself from her base outside despite not featuring in film for some time now and she is very good at motivating others to grow.

The actress in one of her motivational routines warned that people should be mindful of the kind of friends they keep and if they can’t tolerate them, it is better they move on with their life.

In her words, “Never waste your time& energy hating on no one. If u can’t tolerate then keep moving. You don’t have to be friends with everyone. Have an open mind. Mind who you can take a bullet for. Can they do same for you?”

The actress pointed out that rather than give all the money to a Pastor who drives the best car in town, it will be better for one to take such money and give to road side seller to get a good life for him/herself.

 “There’s always 2 or even 3 sides to a story. Keep your heart clean. And that money you sow into Pastor that drives a machine, living well, please use that money to better the life of that your regular tomato seller, or that child that run errands for you. Give your offering and pay your tithe but do good so that someone somewhere prays for you. Oya let’s dance. Am my WC. Loving me. Loving you Plenty Too. God bless Us All,” added.