A few days from now, shouts of Happy New Year will rent the air. Real or imagined, give or take, 2008 was filled with events, with some people giving it strength of character.

Distinctively so, the happenings were either making or marring ones, but whichever way, it put words in our mouths and enlivened our lives.

Where were you when history was being written? Supposing you missed out on some of the defining moments /glorious of drawbacks, Showbiz leads you by hand through the street named history as a recap of activities takes centre stage and for those of you that were privy to it all, this is just a reminder that hey, 2008 rocked.

Anita Baker

The famed multiple Grammy award winning American songstress did the unexpected in August. It was her first visit to Nigeria when she disappointingly stood up scores of high-profile Nigerian personalities, including Stella Okoli, Toyin Subair, and Nike Ogunlesi, who had paid N50,000 each to watch her perform live at a show organised by Kilimanjaro Entertainment, thereby incurring their wrath.

In a shock last minute decision to boycott the show, Baker had the day before performed at a private party. The A-List that had turned out in their Sunday best for the command performance bemoaned the incident in loud tones.

Ebube Nwagbo

One of the most talked about actresses in 2008, she decidedly became more socially active in 2008. Arriving at events in heart thumping attire that put on display her curvaceous body, Nwagbo is purportedly close to Kingsley, one half of the crooning duo KC Presh. Though she has termed the report fallacious, the duo has been found in questioning postures and places.

Anita Joseph

The budding actress will give anything to have a shot at fame, including name dropping. She has featured in a few movies and is easily one of the most recognised up-and-coming actresses on account of her controversial stance.

Tonto Dikeh

Her fame soared in 2008, no thanks to her attention grabbing mannerisms. An old flame of Don Jazzy, she helped herself to some of his credibility, coupled with a few roles here and there in Nollywood to arrive at where she is today.

Toyin Aimakhu

Talks of a fiancée based abroad have not saved her the agony of being labelled a man snatcher. If she has played the role so well in movies, she will not fall short of your expectations in a real life drama. Ask Portia Yamahan.

Aremu Afolayan

Although he shares the good looks of his now deceased father, Ade Afolayan (aka Ade Love), one could not tell for sure if the former shared the latter‘s love for members of the opposite sex until the story broke in town that he was fishing in murky waters. At least, his rumoured alliance with the wife of a socialite turned thoughts in that direction.

Ayo Adesanya

The imminent split from her husband, Goriola Hassan came to fore in the year 2008 when the crossover actress could endure the beatings no more and scurried to safety.

Mercy Johnson

One of the fastest rising actresses, it was a good year for Johnson, as she featured in more films than she can conveniently learn by heart, asides taking several pleasure trips abroad. Her rumoured romantic liaison with crooner D‘Banj that pitched her against Ruky Sanda, an up-and-coming actress, tainted her near scandal free year.

Uche Iwuji

Long before now, she has been labelled one of Nollywood‘s bad girls and the appellation stuck in 2008 as she courted more controversies and less goodwill. It is hoped that 2009 will unravel the many unresolved issues surrounding her.

Jim Iyke

Highly controversial movie bad boy shot fewer movies, but acted out more real life punching scenes. His co-actors include Emeka Ike and Olisa Adibua.

Maryann Apollo and Joy Agbor

The hitherto friendly pair became sworn enemies in the dying days of 2008. The former flatmates fell out swiftly over issues bordering on insensitivity and of course, man snatching.

Saheed and Fathia Balogun

Having dispensed their energies throwing accusations and counter accusations bordering on infidelity and wife battering, the disenchanted couple no longer cohabit. Fathia has found a new lease of life, courtesy of a sizzling romance with a foremost Yoruba movie marketer, as opposed to her husband, who has not realigned in the love department.

Alec Godwin and Kefee

Their messy separation put paid to beliefs that theirs was a match made in heaven. Branama exponent, Kefee and her music producer husband threw caution to the winds when they washed their dirty linen in the full glare of their fans.

Shan George and Momoh Osigwe

Twenty-six-year-old Osigwe and forty-something-year-old mulatto actress had been an item for upwards of two years when the centre began to disintegrate. George accused her former lover of a calculated attempt to defraud her. So messy was their break up that the police were involved.

Annie Macaulay

After recently delivering a baby girl in the United States of America, she now completes the trio of women, who have had children for 2face.

Just when bad belles thought she was down and out following an armed robbery induced miscarriage in the first quarter of this year, she bounced back into reckoning, spotting the tell tale signs of a second pregnancy.