Peter and Paul Okoye are building a 12 room duplex on two plots of land, somewhere in Lagos. And, if everything works well, they’re planning to get done with it and move in this December.

Following on-and-off disagreements with their controversial landlord Charles Nwangwa, pop twins Psquare have told us they’re erecting their own property, getting ready to move on and leave all the controversies and embarrassments behind.

We took time out to see work-in-progress on their new property(on 177B Lola Hollow Street, Block VI, Omole Residential Scheme 1, Lagos).

The property currently under construction was contracted to Volia Nigeria Ltd, an engineering and construction company shortly after they acquired it earlier this year.

A reliable source to NET the property (with approved plan number DIM/3247/98) was gotten through the state ministry of Lands and survey shortly after the faceoff between them and Nwangwa.


•The house will sit on two plots of land.
•Located at: 177B Lola Hollow Street, Block VI Omole Residential Scheme 1, Lagos.
•Main contractor is Volia Nigeria Ltd Engineering construction.
•Architect: Jayson Konsult
•Approved plan number DIM/3247/98
•12 room duplex
•The house is divided into two with six rooms each. And two separate underground studio for each duplex.
•The house is expected to be completed and commissioned by December 2009.
•The land was allegedly sold to them through Lagos state ministry of Lands and survey.