Good times seem to be crawling into the life of this musical group called Infinity, the Olori Oko crooners whose musical video is a multi-award winning video may be moving to the greater heights soon as an international entertainment impresario who is based in the Republic of Ireland has shown interest in their works for the international marketing, distribution and management.

In a brief chat with the group, one of them, David actually confessed that there has been a kind of talks between them and someone from Dublin but because of the time and other issues they are yet to reach a compromise on how to go about the international deal.

“Right now, what we are busy with is the KORA nomination stuff which we are praying to click the award, in the past, we’ve had so many offers and even up till this moment but we are been careful not to make some moves that we may later regret that is why we cogitate deeply before making any further move. Truly, we have someone who has shown interest to establish a business relationship with us, as soon as we are done with the papers, you will be the first to know.” He informed.

Meanwhile, the group is now in the Republic of Benin where they are having a reality party on their KORA nomination. To cast a vote for them log on KORA’s website.