Yes, there is a ‘Jenifa’ in you and I am still very much sane OK?

Have you seen Jenifa? I know most of you have. Well if you haven’t, I’ll give a short summary. OK, there’s dis chic (Funke Akindele) who is from the village but is about to attend the university in Lagos. So she gets there and changes her name from Suliat to Jenifa and tries to be a ‘bigs gal’. Anyways, she tries so hard to fit in by sleeping around and she ends up with AIDS and becomes an HIV advocate.

OK, I know i gave a poor narrative but really the movie is amazing. Seriously, I am not a fan of Nigerian movies, talk less of a Yoruba movie but it starred Bisi from I Need To Know and she looked so cute, so I just had to watch and I LOVED IT!

But that’s not the issue. My point is the movie revealed something to me. Something all thou judgemental critics will never see. That there is a Jenifa in every one of us.

Let me make my point clearer now for the benefit of your understanding.

1. Jenifa did not have a problem. All she wanted was to be a big girl… to fit in

Look at that closely and I am sure it reminds you of someone. YOU! YES…YOU!!!

Now, most of us humans want to fit in… We want to fit in… roll with the cool crowd…be in good terms with out family members… we want to fit in with our friends…we want to SO BADLY BE A PART OF SOMETHING.

Now, you can be annoyed at this point and refuse to accept that Jenifa in you. Well, if there is anything I have learnt in this my short time in life…it is to be real.

We want to fit it. It is who we are. That is how we were created. We can’t deny it. WE WANT TO FIT IN. And trust me, it is good to want to fit it…sometimes….BUT

The greatest point of an individuals life is a point where they accept who they are. If you are 60 years old and you have not accepted yourself, you have not started living. If you don’t love yourself, if you don’t fit in with yourself…It is not so good. God says…Love your neighbour as YOURSELF. This means you cannot love someone else if you don’t love GOD and yourself first.

All I am saying is accept who you are, you saw what happened to Suliat kan… She got AIDS… if we continue to act or behave like something or someone we are not, we may get a disease, a disease that may not only hurt your body but your soul. I used to want to fit in with the coolest writers and bloggers. Someone said my blog wasn’t for intellectual people. I felt bad. I wanted the famous authors and writers to read my blog. I wanted my blog to be for intellectuals and trust me I tried to be like that. I tried writing in ‘intellectual’ mode and I hated my posts

But when I accepted that, I am an intellectual and I dictate the rules on my blogspace and if your intellectualism is different from mine then GOOD RIDDANCE… this blogger doesn’t play by the rules cuz in blogville…there are no rules…Now i blog with so much confidence that I feel i write better than those who have Nobel laurels. (OK… I take that back)

So get rid of the Jenifa in you… Accept yourself. Be yourself. Don’t try to fit in. You just be you cause God loves you…