Believe it or not, pink shirts are back in fashion! There’s nothing girly or homosexual about wearing a pink shirt. In the past pink was thought to be a colour that was only for females. But mothers often dress babies in blue if they are a boy and pink if they are a girl and some people still consider pink to be a feminine colour that cannot be worn by males.

However, the origin of the idea that pink is for females came from the fact that, many, many years ago, whilst men went out hunting for dinner women foraged for berries and other plant based foods. The pinkness of the berries helped women to identify which berries to eat and made them easier to find.

Women retained this fondness for pink based colours and have been known to love to wear pink clothes, pink accessories and as little girls to have their bedrooms decorated in pink. However, if woman’s love of pink stems from a primitive urge to forage then there is no reason to associate it with femininity itself when applied to fashion, as hunting for berries was a
practical matter rather than one based on sexuality?

What is so great about wearing a pink shirt, is the obvious question. But the truth is pink is not girly like most men think, in fact it looks sweet on men too! A man can now wear pink when ever he likes as it has become more acceptable to do so. A luminous pink muscle vest against a mans tanned, bronzed body can look sexy and a pink waistcoat and tie contrasting with the black of a suit and white of a shirt can look very presentable at a wedding. Pink swimming trunks, pink, well ironed cotton shirts and pink sweatshirts are both popular and attractive.

Pink shirts are increasing in popularity to match accessorising pink cuff links and ties.

A romantic ruffled shirt can be fine on a man during the right occasion, but make that shirt pink and it will resemble a blouse.
Women want their men to be macho, but what they don’t say is they want that macho man to have a sensitive side. What better way to show your sensitive side than opting for a soft shade of pink for your next night out on the town? Not only that, a pink shirt will make you stand out in a sea of boring blue and white shirts at the bar.

Gone are the days when the pink shirt was considered the yuppie 80’s investment bankers shirt of choice; the pink shirt is the straight guys secret weapon when it comes to attracting the increasingly fashion-savvy female population.

Although pink shirt is good for men but it’s important that they don’t make it is an overkill. Men must avoid shirts with different coloured collars and cuffs, and they must not buy a shirt with an oversized collar be it pink or otherwise. For instance, an orangy-pink shirt looks awkward. Instead of orange, fuschia or ruffled pink shirts, go for a nice pale pink that offsets your skin tone. Always go for 100 percent cotton linen to avoid nasty nipple chafing at the end of the night.

“The colour pink is the number one fashion colour for men according to sales statistics has shown,” says Bimbo Oki, a shirt dealer. “Over the last three years sales in pink shirts and accessories rose from 11 percent to 16 percent, with more men wearing pink than any colour in the country.”

The only time when pink isn’t a good idea is when the pink coloured item of clothing is a touch feminine in design. It is also more attractive when a man who wears pink breaks up the pink with other colours. A pair of denim shorts or jeans would set off the pink muscle vest for example. A complete suit in pink may look overwhelming even on a woman and so should be worn with caution.

As a man, you may be considering whether pink may be right for you or not then you may like to begin with a few accessories to see how you feel. A pink tie worn with a smart work suit, or a pink cummerbund worn out to dinner, or even some pink boxer shorts which are your little secret can be a good way to start.