There is hardly a Nollywood actress who has not tasted the sting of a scandal at one time or another in her career. While it appears some of them go courting controversies, others have had controversies tossed their way either by some overzealous press guys who dig up stuffs about them and mixed it with a little bit of dirt or by some circumstantial happenings that caught them right in the middle.

While some of these actresses have ignored many scandals trailing their career, others have simply laughed them off. Like, in every movie industry, there are practitioners who crave for attention and thus ,go the extra mile to expose certain aspects of their lives to make the headlines.

Here are the top ten actresses who have been severally scandalised. Interestingly, these scandals, true or false, have never dented their careers, instead, they have come out of them stronger, bigger and more popular: