The sister to the bomber, Salman Abedi, Jomana has revealed the reason behind her deceased brother’s action.


18 year old, Jomana Abedi, revealed that her brother was until his death a kind and loving man who was driven to the suicide bomb attack to revenge the killing of his friend in a racist attack.

Jomana further noted that her brother’s action was also fueled by the recent killing of Syrian children by America when the nation dropped explosives in the country.

Jomana while speaking to the Wall Street Journal said she was surprised that her brother detonated a suicide bomb which killed a total of 22 persons.

“I think he saw children—Muslim children—dying everywhere, and wanted revenge. He saw the explosives America drops on children in Syria, and he wanted revenge. Whether he got that is between him and God.”

A family friend of the bomber further noted that the act of terror was carried out on innocent concert goers because Salman’s teenage friend was run over and stabbed in Manchester in May 2016.

Witnesses at Salman’s friend’s burial disclosed that he had vowed to revenge the death of his friend thus becoming more religious after the incident and became interested in extremist groups.

Salman’s father, Ramadan Abedi revealed that his son was seriously affected by the death of his friend who was also killed in Manchester although he was not sure if it was the reason for the terror attack.

Ramadan further revealed that he spoke to his son five days before the attack and he seemed normal.

“We don’t believe in killing innocents,” he added.

Ramadan further revealed that his other sons, Hashem and Ismail, have been arrested in connection with the suicide bombing.