She has an imposing stature that forces a recognition. Besides her stature is a very quick tongue. Her name is an irony of her size.
By now you ought to know who I’m talking about- Bose Olufunke Osayemi. I have never seen any celebrity as conscious of journalists as her. As soon as she knew there were journalists on the ride, the taunting began. We had not gone very far before she confessed that she was pressed.

It was a five-hour journey from Abuja to Makurdi aboard the Glo Rock ‘N’ Rule Tour bus and this lawyer-turned-comedian didn’t want to ask the driver to stop because, according to her, we (journalists) will take pictures of her and headline it ‘Lepaciously doing the thing’. But for how long can she hold?

She managed for about another forty minutes until the ‘pee’ moved her to sit on the edge of the seat and she could not hold it anymore. Neither DJ Jimmy Jatt nor Stereoman Ekwe was helping matters as Ekwe chatted endlessly while Jimmy Jatt slept without turn.

Soon, as expected and following the advise of ‘yours sincerely’ Bose asked the driver to pull into the next available petrol station where she relieved her bowels at a distance far away from our cameras. Well, yes she did eventually and was she not better for it?