It appears Chindima Okeke was telling the truth all along despite the fact that many found it hard to believe her.

That could have been because she initially denied not been the one in the video which made many doubt the authenticity of her story when she finally owned up.

After the latest court trail of the case, Chindinma has been threatened to keep mum not to reveal more details especially top the press.

Wondering the master minds? They are no other than the Anambra Broadcasting Service, who organized the beauty pageant, Chindima won.

Report has it that due to their involvement in the formation of the sex tape and the leak, they have been trying to bury the case as they have a lot to lose as well as other governmental dignitaries allegedly involved.

It was also said that, the DSS refused to make available to Chidinma and her lawyer the outcome of their investigation of the case explicitly because of the involvement of some Government officials in the scandal, particularly the Director of the ABS.

.At the end of the day, all fingers points to the Anambra state government for making this young lady go through this hell.

 Meanwhile, the car price the beauty queen won that was formerly seized by her when the controversy started has been returned to her under a written agreement of not granting any form of interview regarding this case.

 They are smart right? However, Nigerians are not willing to let the case go without justice prevailing as the beauty queen is currently faced with a fresh Dilemma if really to let go or fight for justice.