A certain humanistic school of thought defines poverty as a spiritual force which favorably works with a mind set of having little or not enough. The dictionary definition of is: having very little money; deserving pity and sympathy, not good and so on.

Poverty as a spiritual force attacks the mind, soul, body and the outcome reflects on the environment. The physical attributes of poverty on the mind over an extended period conditions the mind to be satisfied with little result and achievement over time, unwilling to strife to greater heights. Yet, the necessities of life will always be craved for. Remember united nation’s definition of health as touching the body, soul and spirit.

A dirty and filthy environment with gross disorder is a manifestation or an indicator of the mentality of poverty.

A true life story: ‘this woman in her life time was such a greedy wretch that though she had plenty of gold, she could never be satisfied …… She cared not who she ruined as long as she could get their gold. And when she had gathered together a greater treasure than she could ever spend, her love of money would not let her spend enough of it to supply herself with her basic living needs.

She often went with an empty stomach, though her money bags were full. She kept no house because she would not be taxed, and would not keep her treasure in her hands for fear she should be robbed.

She would not put her money in bonds and mortgages for fear of being cheated; although she always cheated everyone that she could. She was so great a cheat that she cheated her own body of its food, and ……. ‘ By John Bunyan.

Looking at the average American’s and other white’s nations taste for beauty, excellence and contributions to mankind which opposes the black slavery mentality of poverty in predominantly regions having blacks as leaders.

They showcase a backward thinking mentality in areas concerning money. The whites seemly excel in all spheres but the black man with all the mineral resources around him still dwells in abject poverty. Poverty has nothing to do with having trillions in a private account.

Displaying antiquated projects as the 7th largest oil producer as ‘good governance trip’ while a single individual swallows billions is an unfortunate propaganda. Excellence and the mentality of poverty are always in opposition.

There was a certain Ex-African general who stole money while in office related to agriculture in large quantity. Years down the line He ended up poor. The holy book says ‘Wealth gained dishonestly dwindles away, But he who gathers by hand makes it grow.’

This man learnt from his past experience so having no wealth creative ability, politics was just the only option to access the poor people’s money again. That is why a wealthy black man will never earn the respect of the whites except if the white man sees opportunity.

Everybody knows how Bill gates started.

Money and the natural resources is a means of enhancing the standard of living of the people. If the politicians of the western world had not sacrificed their selfish interest, would our politicians and religious leaders be dying to go there? Everyone wants to steal as much as possible.

While some are dying of too little, others are dying of too much. Cancer, many strange diseases and strange deaths. It is so strange that money which ought to have brought happiness to the society is a source of sorrow even to the thieves.

Why? Because of the poverty mentality. Having money does not mean you are not poor. Becoming so obsessed with stealing that you never live to really enjoy is a divine curse.

From the late African general who was alleged to have died on a prostitute according rumours reaching my desk, to the various losses of spouses and relatives at the apex, politicians have continually turned the deaf ear like Pharoah of old to give the people what rightly belongs to them. Instead, they play the shrewd game. When the head is rotten, the anit-graft agencies cannot really function but only to be changing their chairman to apeace the public.

Poverty is lacking the capacity and ability to create wealth. That is why people steal so much as if it will last to their 14th generation but because divine laws cannot be broken, before their eyes everything flies away.

The subject of economics calls it the invisible hand. Then they start looking for another political opportunity again, not to serve but to steal. Lazy bones go and work! In a certain African nation a woman said “why are the private story building of policemen always catching fire?” based on the foundation that bribery is too rampant. Do blame them? When the executives with the connivance of the legislators their ogas, are stealing in billions. God help black Africa with their blackward thinking mentality.

Everything they turn upside down including religion. On earth, no nation is immune from economic disaster even the best foreign giants. A trillionaire today may end a pauper. Remember the business tycoon who set himself and his family ablaze when everything crumbled.

12 choice northern elite can sponsor the national budget and 15 people from the corrupt party can do likewise but where is patriotism? The political class should do as they say then, they can tell the masses to do likewise. Are they taking the monies to hell? Yet some prefer fighting like one who beats the air: sponsoring stupid things like bloodshed. Poverty!

Certain religious leaders have lost focus and are in the bondage to the mentality of poverty, all they do is just to collect and collect. Although many have written books about the subject of prosperity but, their deeds, have not lived up to it. Wealthy religious leaders ought to be good examples to their subjects of putting a smile on people’s faces by providing free schools and hospitals e.t.c. yet even the foreign donations are misappropriated by some. Please, get involved in community projects.

Poverty is not only a physical state but a mental state of an individual’s outlook to life. It is an unproductive mind which has an untamed obsession for wealth accumulation without a sense of responsibility, productivity and vision. As the old adage says “an idle mind is the devils workshop “ also “idle money is tool in the hands of an evil doer.”

When people who are not actively involved in the economic productive process of the nation are elected into office, inspite of the trillions and abundant natural resources, the enslaved poverty mindset sets in.

The result is ‘looting spree’ and Stone Age projects of basics which should have been in the 1970s. the infrastructure of the 4th producer of oil and the 7th should not be too far apart. If someone cannot do it, we should be able to find the right prudent manager of resources out over a 100million people.

The corrupt party is too expensive, prodigal, unproductive in relation to the money they collect and diversionary. They have long taught us to accept the gospel of poverty for too long.

They release what is convenient but not what ought to. Do not listen to their propaganda.

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