How many movies have you made?

I have appeared in more than 100 movies. But I have not been counting to be exact with the numbers. I shoot movies as they come.

Which is your best film?

Dangerous Twins (2004) You don’t look like Nigerian.

Can you tell us more about your parentage?

I am a product of mixed blood. My father is half Israeli and half Iranian. My mother is a Yoruba. I was born and raised in Nigeria, so I am Nigerian.

And your family?

My wife is Emike Philips Nouah. I have two children, a boy, six, and a girl, four. I also have a child out of wedlock who lives with her mother in the States. My wife is a very understanding woman and she knows I am in film as a profession. Some people think that the fact we are TV faces means we don’t deserve to have families – but I can say that there is a lot other women have to learn from my wife.

What values do you attach to family?

Responsibility. When you father children, you have to take good care of them and be there for them.

How do you balance work and family?

Work can be very tedious. But as I make things happen, I also put my family together. I keep on communicating with my family wherever I am. I try to be with them when I am not working, for example I can spare two weeks to be with my children and wife.

Have you ever watched an Uganda movie?

No. May be one of these days. But many of them are in the vernacular. [I tell him we have movies in English and some with subtitles] I will look out for one in English or with subtitles.

What’s the impression you got of Uganda movie awards?

Being the maiden edition, the event was well-done. It was interesting and I was impressed by the outcome. But I hope the future events will be better.

What do you think are your greatest assets when it comes to acting?

I don’t have any. I close my eyes and act.

And what can’t you live without?

A phone. I have to remain in communication with family and business partners. But I am not attached to a given phone as long as it is a good phone.

Apart from acting, what else do you do?

I help with humanitarian efforts. I help out NGOs who think I can help raise their cause like leukaemia patients and poverty.

Who is Nigeria’s top movie person?

No. Please. They are all my friends. They are talented.

Word has it that you had an intimate relationship with Genevieve.

People who see us acting in movies have married us. They say we are meant for each other but, the truth is, we just act. There is nothing between us. But I should say Genny is a very talented actress.

There are rumours that you shared a bed with Sheila Nvannungi. What do you say about that?

Who is that? [ I explain that she is the singer who reportedly shared a room with him ]. Okay, the singer. I don’t know what they are talking about. I saw that lady and I thought she was one of the organisers since they were putting us together and told us to take photos. I didn’t know she was a singer. They just put her by my side and I don’t understand why.

You promised to work with Ugandans to make movies. Can you elaborate on that?

We are planning to do some stuff as Nollywood. It is not me alone. Nollywood film makers want to see Uganda on the map of African movie makers. This means, us coming here to make films and Ugandans going to Nigeria for the same purpose.

While you sat with the Vice President Prof. Gilbert Bukenya, what did you share with him about the movie industry?

He is very appreciative of the Uganda movie industry. He wants to help to curb piracy which is a very good thing. It is important that people watch non pirated movies and investors can then see they can make profits. I was very impressed about such a remark.