Nollywood actress Uche Ogbodo is one of the single actresses in Nollywood who has tried all avenue to get a man of their dream but to no avail.

In recent interview, the fair skin actress who has featured in quite a lot of movies, she reveals that there is no age limit in marriage, she said even at 58, she can still get a man to call her own.

“There is nothing like age in marriage, maturity is what counts. It is fine with me. Even if I got married at 58, fine. My meeting the right person is what counts. If I rushed and got married because the media wanted me to marry, and I met somebody not mine, it will be bad. My fans and family would not disturb me to marry just like that; they know me. Everybody understands me, so I am fine. I am not desperate to be searching for a man. But I am looking forward to God to give me a man. Not just a man because there are so many things I need from a man that I cannot even count all right now. And he must not be a woman puncher, for I do not need a man that hits me.” She said.