Victor Essiet is a well known Nigerian Reggae star, then in the 80s, his group, Mandators was the toast of the town. In Los Angeles, California where lots of Hollywood actors and actresses are residents, he holds himself high and this is the truth.

Recently he released a work titled ‘Freedom Train’ which preaches ‘liberation, freedom from oppressive governments worldwide have been attracting positive comments and commendations by several American music critiques who believes that the message of Essiet is meant to checkmate abusive, bad, corrupt and inept leaders wherever they are in the world.

But he confessed to a certain newspaper reporter in an interview that weed smoking is good. His perception about Marijuana, otherwise called ‘Ganja or Weed’ in local parlance, has becoming a subject of discussion recently.

Hear him, “I don’t smoke weed, but I will like to smoke it because it is good. Weed is better than beer, better than brandy, better than Cocaine; better than junk.

Some people are just stupid and wicked for turning Nigeria into their private estates without thinking of the people they are oppressing on a daily basis.

Most interpretations given to these drugs are masked. When you wear a mask you cannot see. Until you take off that mask you cannot see.

No matter what you do, if you do not control your intake of Coco (that is, Cocaine); cigarette and Marijuana that would be bad. They are herbs created by Jah to give man inspiration as he takes his dominion over situations of life. Man should have dominion over it and not the other way round. ‘Weed’, that is Marijuana is just like food that people eat to feel better.

Ganja (Marijuana) is a healing of the mind. You saw what Marley was doing during his lifetime because he had it under control. There is nothing wrong in smoking ‘Weed,’ but something is wrong when people abuse it. Cocaine is a hard drug that is bad.

The ‘Weed’ takes you higher to a level of consciousness. I am naturally too high to take something that would make me higher to destroy my systems.”

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