The game is over! The truth is out and life is already abnormal for the BBnaija housemates who are not celebrities.

However, there are lies that would never go away like Thin Tall Tony who refused to say that he was married and played along wit Bisola. Well, Bisola is out and she feels betrayed.

Bisola said she knew a point in the game “In my mind I’m like, Dude you are one amazing actor. Good thing that I did not have it in my head that after the show, I was going to come out and have some kind of romance with you. But hey, I hope your wife did not deal with you too much. I feel sort of slightly betrayed that he betrayed that friendship that I thought we had.

She added “I thought we could really be close buddies outside of the house.” “So yes, Tony, I hope your family is doing great. Well done to you, to them. Just a little betrayed that we were really close. Come on, we shared a lot of things. This one thing you didn’t say. I don’t know why, why why. But anyway, It’s your choice. You played the game the best way you know how to,” Bisola said.