Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson has revealed the extent she goes when she wants to ask her husband for forgiveness.

In a video posted on her Instagram page, the actress explained that when she wants to beg her husband after an offense she would have to tie a white wrapper and carry a fowl and go to the stream.

Mercy Johnson made the video as a follow-up to comedian Realwarripikin’s video where she had a slight misunderstanding with her husband and went to his office to beg him.

In her video, Realwarripikin said she tried to appease her husband by seducing him but it was not effective as he kept ignoring her. She stated that her husband does not forgive her until she actually apologizes.

In response to this, Mercy Johnson said Realwarripikin’s husband was more amicable compared to hers as she would have to go the extra mile to make sure her husband forgives her.

Below are some reactions to the actress’s video.
ucheelendu: “Abia state!! My own na to cook better seafood okro, then shake nyash pass him front like 5 times.

ufuomamcdermott: “Please are in any way trying to resemble as if you wan dey run down my bros tribe???

ruthkadiri: “???????? mercy leave me alone”

realwarripikin: “I am married, my husband is from Abia state, if you offend am he is ready to forgive you but you must talk sorry, once you start to use body talk sorry he go make am vex the more, e prefer makeup talk than makeup sex?????

Las las Igho men are unromantic ??????” “??????????? my hubby is from Delta state. Once I cook one correct meal for him and I say something that will make him laugh, quarrel don finish be that??. He is such a sweet guy.”

nkechiblessingsunday: “me and Sorry na 5/6 I Dey talk sorry in advance sef?‍♀️?‍♀️”