Evicted Ghanaian night club owner and one of the housemates In the 2011 edition of the Big Brother Amplified Reality Show, Confidence Haugen has denied suggestions that her reaction when she was evicted from the House was a reflection of how desperately she needed the $200,000 at stake. Some commentators have described Confidence’s declaration of ‘’Good, I am done with you guys……I am out of this place,” as a face-saving gesture after her eviction. Quite uncharacteristic of other evictees, Confidence headed straight for exit, declining to hug and share a word or two with the other Housemates until her closest friend, Weza, ran to hug her.

The silicon-breasted Aphrodisiac Night Club owner said she was not bothered by the lost opportunity to win free cash, insisting money was not her motivation for going into the contest, but the exposure that came with the show.

‘’ I wanted to show that we have fabulous people In Africa just like the Kimora Lee Simonses and Kim Kardashians.I wanted the world to know that there are hard working, fabulous women In Ghana. I do not need the money. It’s really about the exposure for me as a business woman.”

The 37-year old claimed she was voted out of the House because she was seen as a threat by the other housemates and not because she was rude, bossy or boring as some viewers have suggested. ‘I am a friendly person; however, it is easier to be friendly to people who are genuine. Those In the Big Brother house are not genuine. It is just a game for them. I tried to be real and open with all the members.”

Confidence had been nominated three times since the Inception of this year’s Big Brother six weeks ago but although she survived the first two, Africa voted not to save her this time. She added that she was grateful for the love and support shown by her country folk and the rest of Africa and promised to continue being a role model for hardworking Ghanaian women.