In a netflix hangout with actor Richard Mofe Damijo, (RMD), the protagonist of the movie Shola Shobowale, who played Eniola, noted that she was surprised to receive another script from Kemi Adetiba.

She felt the season 1 already contained all there is. She noted that on reading the script, she was stunned at how Kemi still brought up issues she didn’t know could exist.

The second season of KOB has received appraisals and criticisms alike with praisers saying it was top notch with exquisite actors and critics downplaying the need for another season as there was no reason to.

Truthfully, the feedback from these set of viewers affected my judgement on the movie but there are really three fascinating scenes I couldn’t get past.

In case you haven’t seen it, I don’t want to be a spoiler but here are three scenes you should be eager to watch:

1. The Jumoke and Chief Mrs Randle’s scene.

People have argued that the role delivery of Chief Mrs Randle played by Taiwo Ajai-Lycette was arguably the best in the movie. They say that Shola Shobowale as good as she was did not come close to Ajai-Lycette in delivery of roles. They tagged the 80 year old’s acting and delivery as unmatched, top notch and on point.

I find it fascinating because she came with a different energy and vibe. She didn’t give us the usual typical vibe expected of the advanced in age, she took me by surprise when she made use of cuss words seamlessly. These are not what you find the every day Nollywood elders doing and then when she made Jumoke played by Jumoke played by Nse Nkpe-Etim beg on her knees, that was some tensed up moment. Nigerians have even made funny memes out of this moment.

2. Odogwu Malay’s death

After series of creepy messages and threats Odogwu Malay played by Illbliss finally saw who was behind the mayhem. Alas! It was his friend Makanaki played by Reminiscence whom he has murdered years ago.

I love how Odogwu stands up to confront his friend turned enemy, the battle of words that followed, the blend and usage of pidgin and tribal/native proverbs, the body movements the duo applied in this scene, their faces, lips, bodies and voices in synchrony delivering.

“Maka no dey come here dey try enter my head. You be man I be man, you don see two thieves wey dey call themselves brother? Bros I no dey fear you. Afam bu odogwu malay. I no dey fear anybody”

“You wan test me? Me wey my mama born run enter corner make she for no see my face”

When Maka had murdered Odogwu’s family, fearlessly Odogwu says “na this small tin you carry come?” At the moment if his death, Odogwu died fearlessly

3. The battle of the Eniolas

At the last scene where Eniola hands over to her successor Makanaki, there was a display of power between the two Eniolas played by Shola Shobowale and Tony Tones.

The younger, impatient and hot tempered Eniola has been in the head of the older Eniola who wants to just be humble and follow due process. She could no longer shut her reoccurring past up, she finally decided to pick it up and became the villain she is.

In this scene, there was tussle for power between herself and Samuel Odubariba played by Charles Oputa and she overpowered him.

While the conquering and sporadic shooting was going on, she began speaking words of affirmation, making eulogies of who she is in the Yoruba language. The video editors worked in synergy to synchronize the two Eniola’s as they vehemently spoke

“Èmi làná, èmi lòní, Èmi ekun apomoje
Akota grrrrr ijaya
Èmi leni na. Èmi Eniola Salami tin won pe ni Oba. KING OF BOYS”

Phew! The fluent affirmative expressions in Yoruba, the synergy between the background music/sound, video editor, the audio editor and actors. The merge of both Eniola’s when they said “Akota grrrrr ijaya”. I must say that it transmits an unusual power to the viewer. A sense of self worth and pride. Being a video editor my self, I must say that the behind the scene crew did a fantastic job here.

Well, these are scenes I’d watch over and over again.