From a music making perspective, there’s no questioning the fact that much has not been heard from DB Records boss, D’Banj, for a while now.

In fact, many will argue it is even more than a while, since the Koko Master, has not had the kind of successes he recorded while still with his former label, Mohits Records. They may not be wrong. Yet the Oliver Twist crooner has managed to maintain his international A-game, forging alliances with the crème de la crème of the music and corporate world around the globe.

Today, we bring you a sneak peek into his diaspora sojourn. Believe it, the music might not be popping like before, but D’Banj is definitely having a ball both local and internationally, as his recent dealings have seen him hobnobbing with the likes of acclaimed tycoons Steve Harris, Havard, just to mention a few.