Social media is an interesting platform that has helped many individuals have a close-up relationship and interaction with their favorite celebrity.

While many have made use of the platform judiciously some have really abused the privilege.

In recent time, it has been discovered that the platform has been used for professional begging from celebrities.

While some actually had genuine reason for begging, some are actually scammers which eventually mess things up for those who are genuinely in need.

Few days ago, Nollywoood actress, Sotayo addressed the situation saying it was getting out of hand, with many turning her page into a begging spree.

“To Whom It May Concern, please make una no turn this platform to another thing I beg. Everyone needs help, including me. God go epp all of us. And you scammers, una well done. “She said

The next to address this issue is Timaya who was almost scammed by an individual who stole pictures of someone to open a fake account to demand for money from the singer.

He was almost at the verge to giving out the money before the original owner of the pictures spoke out informing Timaya that she is been impersonated.

In a recent post, the singer explains how fed up he is with the rate of social media beggars springing up on a daily basis.

He claims that with the rate of scammers one can hardly know the sincere ones as he is being bombarded with several messages on a daily basis for money.

Will this begging trend ever stop?