Since the messy marital issue of Tiwa Savage and her ex-manager-turned husband, Teebliz, lots of Nigerian celebrities have been talking about it like it’s their cup of tea.

Now, everybody wants to contribute and educate Tiwa on how to handle her personal affairs. As if that not enough, Imelda j, an Afro pop singer, says Nigerian celebrities, especially the females always put up deceptive identities. She also warned Nollywood icon, Omotola Jalade and 2face Idibia’s wife, Annie Idibia to be careful or they would be next.

According to the Benue State-born singer who just released her new single, ‘OwoYato’ ft Small Doctor, it is never rosy in their (female celebrities’) marriages but they come out to paint it white, when it is undoubtedly black, hence, putting married folks who have issues, on an edge.

“First and foremost, if I were Tiwa, I wouldn’t have gone into that marriage. Tiwa’s case should serve as a lesson to several other celebrities because one mistake they actually make is they always make the marriage look like everything is smooth. No point coming to the public to rob it on peoples face like “oh my sweet heart, my love.

“You see, most of them would be slapped by their husbands and immediately after, they would go on the social media to confess love to their husband.

“I would like to advise someone like Annie Idibia to start learning and also Omotola and several others because we all know marriage is not a bed of roses.

“They are going through so much in their matrimonial homes and we all know the truth, so why come out to make other people that are watching out for them act like “why is my role model’s marriage sweet but mine isn’t?

“They are already causing damages to so many homes. Keep your kisses and love ventures to yourselves, don’t come and rub it on people’s faces in the social media. People would think it is all rosy, meanwhile, you are going through hell and pretending to be in heaven, she told Dailypost.