Regardless of crisis, which seem to have become the order of the day in celebrity marriages, Nollywood actress, Tonia Nwosu is not moved as she reveals her dreams to get married anytime soon.

“In the next 5 years or less, I should be in my husband’s house with my kids.

I’d love to get married soon, but I’m really taking my time, so I can settle with the right man that understands me well and also loves my job. With that, then there wouldn’t be any issue in our marriage. I know the rate of marriage crisis is getting out of hand, but that doesn’t scare me at all. I just don’t like men, who are jealous and don’t trust their partners,” she said.

Projecting her career in the nearest future, the Conspiracy star actress added this.

“I also want to make it bigger in the movie industry. In few years time, I see myself playing a prominent role in Hollywood. Hollywood is it; it is the height of my career as an actress.”