Controversial relationship expert, Joro Olumofin has advised all ladies in relationships to have back up or contingency boyfriends. By doing so, according to him, they would overcome depression in the case of a break-up.

He stated that ladies should think like men who often have backup relationships. No wonder why most of them get married shortly after breakups.

He wrote; “With the level of heartbreak and depression amongst ladies who just got out of relationships, I believe it’s time for ladies to have a “CONTINGENCY BOYFRIEND” ; a backup boyfriend. Who is a contingency boyfriend? A contingency boyfriend is a guy who fits all your criteria of a husband material but is your platonic friend ( no s-x involved).

“You talk to him often, you hang out with him and involve him in your daily activities, he’s aware of your boyfriend. A lot of ladies are facing emotional hardships in their breakup and being rebounded by at least 5 Guys risking high body counts until they find another boyfriend.”

“I strongly suggest that every lady in a relationship should have a backup boyfriend who she can marry 6 months after her breakup in other to avoid Depression and the rebound/waiting syndrome. #ThinkLikeAMan 90% of men have Contingency Girlfriends. “