Being underground doesn’t make me irrelevant, so says Daddy Fresh as he gives an insight into his recent works in this interview with Tope Olukole. Excerpts:

You have been off the musical scene for close to four years, where have you been and what have you been doing?
I’ve been around. Basically, I’ve been busy underground, making some tight musical research that will translate into what the world is about to experience.

To some people, your ‘underground’ simply means musical irrelevance, how would you react to that?
I may be irrelevant to them because they can’t see me but to me, being underground gave me the privilege to tap into some very serious aspects of music that I needed, to help me maintain my outstanding level when it comes to music because each time I come with a new album, it is always a new assignment for other artistes.

Would you tell us about your in-coming album?
Yes, I’ve finished work on a twelve track (full tracks) album but because I kept my people waiting for too long, I decided to come up with an album without skids and well-packaged, not only to meet the highly competitive Nigerian music market but also to tap into the vast market around the world.

The work is of international standard and I’m sure I played for everybody; you will definitely get your choice in it. In almost all the tracks, I had collaboration with artistes that are making things happen in the industry right now. I have songs like ‘Don’t Underrate’, featuring Eddy Remedy, it’s a hip-hop track trying to say that no matter how it is, a boss is always a boss. I also have ‘Let’s Play’ featuring Ruggedman and Rasky; it is a sort of crossover hip-hop song.

There are also gospel songs, Na Me Jehovah Love Pass; I did it to feed the people spiritually because most of them are spiritually hungry and their souls need some spiritual uplift because going by the economic situation, many people are beginning to lose hope. So I did three gospel songs to satisfy my people spiritually and get them tightly connected to God. If you’re a dancer you’ll get yours, if you’re a listener or a party person, you’ll get yours too.

Do you mean you’re a spiritual person?
I’m a very religious person and I believe in equity and justice, love and unity.

Many people would rather think that with the booze, girls and fun that come with being a musician, that it could be difficult to be genuinely godly, do you have anything to say about this?
No. Though every human is entitled to his opinion, but for me, I think it is a product of attitude of the mind, it depends on what you want; the girls or the money. Though, the girls come with success but it depends on how you manage them.

You’ are handsome and a ladies’ man, how have you been coping, since you said you are godly?
Yes, being godly does not deprive someone being with his female friends or admirers. In fact, when God created the world he kept the man and the woman together; he never created a separate world for women, so why should I alienate myself from them? Besides, showbiz without women is without fun and with no money. But in any case, I don’t go beyond friendship with them.

Let’s go back to the issue of your new album, how true is it that you’re planning a nationwide tour to promote your new jamz?
When you are talking about nationwide tour, I want the people to look at it from the angle of the fact that we are very serious with what we are doing now; we are not here to play, I mean to say that Goodfeel Music means business and that is why they have put in place all that is necessary to ensure that we are heard everywhere; the machinery is in place to make us make the people feel good.

Can you let us into the details of your deal with Goodfeel Music and are you sure the outfit is truly poised to project your music?
I prefer to keep it to myself because I’m okay. You see, what you should understand is that it is not easy for a tight artiste to go underground and return and be heard again and that is what Goodfeel is doing with me now and I thank God for that.