London-based clergy and founder of Salvation Proclaimers Anointed Church, aka SPAC Nation, Pastor Tobi Adegboyega, has opened up about the winding up of his church. On Friday, news of the closure of the church by a UK court went viral.

The clergy was accused of providing inconsistent information to the Insolvency Service and Charity Commission and he failed to deliver up adequate accounting records.

In a live Instagram interview with Ifedayo Olarinde, also known as Daddy Freeze, the clergy revealed that the company shut down was not his church, but another company he is no longer using. And he was already planning to pull out of the Charity Commission.

He added that by shutting down the company, the court has taken a burden off his shoulder, as the company means nothing to SPAC Nation.

He assured his fans that his church is still very much functional and service will be held on Sunday with 2,000 young people gathering to worship God.

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Adegboyega also said he has never collected tithe, offering or first fruits from his congregation. Though he used to believe in those things when he started his ministry, but he no longer does.

According to him, “if they say he is not transparent enough, how much transparency do they want. I have been to the police and they have been to our church several times. BBC has done documentary about us.”

Speaking on the source of his wealth, he said, “I make money by doing business. I don’t collect money from my members. When Government said I should show them my financial records, I said no because it is not charity money. It is business money and the business pays tax.”

He revealed that instead of taking from people, he has helped a lot of people. He has built a village in Cross River State, but he has never been to the state before. The money made from his church does not even enter any of the pastor’s pocket or account.

He boasted that, “if they have the guts or liver they should come and pick us, if we have done anything wrong. For the first time they have found a black church that can produce 10 years receipt.

“A lot of companies wind up, why is one of our companies winding up being a problem.”