Media personality and author Toke Makinwa is one fashion icon that we can never get enough of. On Instagram, she showed off her gorgeousness in a stunning black-hugging dress that revealed her curves. Then, she paired the dress with gold heels, gold bracelet and earrings.

This best-selling author shared a motivation post along with the photo. She wrote:

“The awakening.

This season has been the busiest I’ve had in a while, i woke up this morning and wanted to just stay in bed but the hustler in me ignored all the reasons to stay in bed, cancel my day, skip radio and some how I remembered when all I am doing now was once a wish.

I remembered when I prayed for the life I’m living now and bounced off and got to work. I’m no where close to where I want to be but I am thankful.

“The destination is not the ultimate, the journey is. Stop looking at the end and start loving each twist and turn”