Popular media girl, Toke Makinwa has been putting up a fierce attitude for weeks now after being slammed with a 100 million law suit.

The suit was dished out to her by her estranged husband, Maje Ayida who claims her book ‘on becoming’ has caused a lot of damage to his personality.

Maje Ayida who claims his character has been defamed, had earlier told the OAP via his lawyers to stop the circulation of the book as it was affecting his brand.

But Toke Makinwa had stubbornly continued and even launched it in London; the same country Maje Ayida hired his second lawyer.

While we watched with our hands folded as she was busy doing what she wanted despite all the warnings, we were forced to believe she had a major back up or a plan which was why she wasn’t scared.

But it appears she is now sober and much aware of what awaits her as Maje Ayida has no plan in backing out of his law suit.

In her recent Vlog, ‘daddy Issues’, Toke Makinwa disclosed her worries/ fears of losing what she owns now in a short while.

She said; “’as you guys might have heard, there’s a lot going on in the news and the little that I have, let’s just hope I have it after a while. For all the people that reached out to me, my lawyers are on it, I don’t think you have anything to worry about, that’s all I’ll say”.

It’s really sad to know that a couple that was so much in love and adorable together are now fighting each other publicly. There is truly a thin line between love and hate.