In the midst of anger and criticism on the slow pace of President Muhammadu Buhari, he still have some faithful supporters like Nollywood Actor, Tomiwa Kukoyi, who does not have regret voting him into power.

Maybe, some Nigerians may not believe him when he said that Buhari’s first 10 months in office was in the affirmative. Kukoyi was the 2011 Next Movie Star 1st runner up.

Kukoyi said, “I do not regret voting my Buhari. “But I drove for about 3 hours today looking for fuel. Truth is, I am not impressed, but I also understand this is democracy so you can’t order anyhow. Already, people are saying #BringBackCorruption and that’s the mindset of a lot of Nigerians, but if you know your economics well, you would realise it could have been worse because change is a gradual process,”

He added that the problem is the apparent seeming inefficiency in the communication gap between the Presidency and the people. He wished that the masses should know what is going and he also want Buhari to speed up things.

“I wonder why some judges are still sitting on cases in this country when they should have been asked to resign and arrested. A judge has been allegedly mentioned to be bribed by two Senior Advocates of Nigeria, the lawyers have been arraigned, have you heard that the judge has been picked up?” He said