No mother takes pleasure in cursing her family, but sometimes they unintentional hurt their children with their unpleasant words..‘These words,’ according to Stella Damasus, in her vlog, are so powerful that they shape the lives of every human being.


Referring to a past event where her mentor said she would not make a good soloist, Stella said that the words affected her for a long time until she spoke to her pastor about it.

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Today, she has an album that has blessed a lot of people.

She explained that women should be careful in how they talk to their kids and husbands especially when they are angry because words spoken in anger may never go away.

She said,

I can be very upset and really go off on my kids but there are some derogatory words that I will not use on my children because there are some things you say to human beings…you will just say it in a moment of anger and you move on, you forget but the person that you said it to they hardly forget and move on from that.

Some kids grow with that thing in their heads. That actually informs what they become or the kind of life they start to live.

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The things we say to our children when we are angry, please, do not use your tongue to change the course of children’s lives. Things you say to your husband, those things never go. We say things sometimes and we make them feel less than the men that they are.

We make them lose their ego, their self-confidence. We don’t know. They play macho but the words we say to our husbands, we need to be careful because women, when we are upset, we know how we can be. We can go off and say all the things that are hurting but we need to be carefu because if you curse, if you say things because as a mom, as a wife, your words are powerful and strong.

If you say things to that man, it will start to affect him and his future and that is not the kind of husband that you want but you used your mouth to call it forth. So, keep blessing, bless your children, bless your husbands. Sometimes, they can drive you nuts, get angry, get out of the room, go somewhere, scream it out but do not use strong derogatory words on your family because you will call forth the negative.