9ice and Toni payne went their separate ways as a couple without giving fans a reason and it fuelled the speculations that the track titled ‘once bitten twice shy‘ on 9ice’s tradition album was directed at Toni Payne where 9ice mentioned catching a lover giving another man ‘nodding’ (fellatio or blowjob as you may know it) – speculated culprit were Toni Payne and Ruggedman.

Toni Payne has been trying to get 9ice to address the issue but it is yet to make and consequent took to her facebook page to let friends know. Her status on April 20 read:

‘’just sayin” ‘FEDup A song I heard n loved months b4 it came out is causin sme minor issues so I will address dis issue by simply stating that its not my job to clear d air but I also think its time the person who sang the song “once bitten” comes out and tells the truth to every1 and let us no who he sang it for…’

“I’ve tried all avenues and all I get is Promises (from 9ice, he’d say in yoruba ) ‘ah ma binu, ma shey, ma binu, mo busy ni, ma binu ok motigbo’ (interpretes as ‘Don’t be angry, I’ll do it, I am busy I have heard you’] My back was pretty much up against the wall.”

She said further that it wasn’t a mutual understanding to release a statement announcing their separation:

‘My thot is It was quick n easy for him (9ice) to release a statement dat he’s getting seperated (like who does dat anyways, as if its a good thing) so telling d truth about a song u sang shud not b hard especially if its giving d wrong impression about d mother of your child, let’s try n fear God o! Hmmn! So pls! I just wanna concentrate on my career n my child without dealin with fabricated gist. #dissapointed

To my friends whose names/image were dragged into this whole mess without knowing a thing (layi mo owo, layi mo ese) all I can say is I’m very very sorry! Maybe I shuda done dis sooner but my heart still wanted to av faith in my other half. Anyways, God sees my heart n I know he will deal with whomever started it.

Ps: to answer my fav inbox question: NO I have no tatoos! Nuff said!’

Ruggedman also posted a suggestion on her (Toni Payne) wall which read: “TONI PAYNE My advice to you is you get 9ice to step up and clear this thing about this song once and for all so all this bullshit can stop.HE SANG THE SONG,ONLY HE CAN SAY WHO HE WAS


So what could possibly have been their reason for the separation, would they tell now?