9ice’s ex wife Toni Payne called out the  Nigerian celebrities for staying aloof in the fight against the societal ills in the country especially child abuse in schools.

 She didn’t stop at this criticism but had singled out a former Minister, Oby Ezekwesili, and in between this fight, MI has defended the Nigerian celebrities.

Toni Payne said “…Why is an educator allowed to slap a little child so hard a passer- by notices and no one flinches?? What is wrong with NIGERIA!!!! OMG. Who protects the children or does Michele Obama have to come back again to show you all how to do what’s right?

Because it doesn’t affect you directly doesn’t mean it’s not your problem. Continue ignoring till an innocent child gets hurt badly- selfish lots. The only problem that matters are those trending and even at that they don’t really truly care, they just want to put mouth to feel among”

She made her stance  “I can NEVER respect anybody who has a voice and doesn’t use it.. It’s not by carrying noodles to children’s homes to snap pictures.. Smh ! If nobody cares, I CARE! If no one will do something about it. I WILL.  Naijas have this VERY nasty habit of ignoring things till it gets out of hand. What are people like Oby  doing bout CHILD ABUSE in schools?”

M.I Abaga  defended his colleagues “Only people you should openly criticize are perpetrators of said wrong doings .. Vocal or not we are on the same side  .Tearing each other down in the name of free speech is a colonial mentality. I challenge you to start a movement and I will support you and we can start there.. Build not tear down . I don’t want to argue.. That isn’t the point her… The point is how children can be victimized in all sorts of ways  … If you organize and reach out.. We all want Nigeria to be better. You have never reached out to me Toni. And you can only judge me but what you ask me personally… Vice versa too  “

Oby Ezekwesili finally responded. “Thanks Yankee. But do read your tweets again my dear young woman and stare down hard at yourself before a mirror. How can? That would be too much hard work when it is easier to spring into twitter tirade without facts. Let her be.   Her problem is rudely tweeting without facts on an issue on which I have been engaging the IG of Police to tackle  .My Counsel to you is to stay honest with your perspective and apologize honestly when wrong. Don’t dissemble.Don’t.  “