Nollywood whistle blower, Actor Uche Madu Agwu is known for his controversial posts and comments which mostly leave people disgruntled.

The actor was the first to announce to the world that Tonto’s marriage to Churchill has packed up and he has also been the one revealing the reasons behind the marriage crisis.

According to the actor, he had disclosed that Tonto is a very close friend who confided in him about what she was going through in her marriage.

Following how mama kings’s (Tonto) encyclopedia page was bastardized, the actress has decided to speak out by writing an open letter to Uche Madu Agwu.

Se disclosed that she doesn’t know the actor cum whistle blower neither do they have any form of closeness as they have never met nor exchanged digits.

Tonto who labeled the actor a liar, pleaded with the actor to retract his baseless statement as she is concerned about the future of her son.

However, this brought us to the question which states, why is Tonto Dike just addressing the issue now after weeks of the news flying around?


Read her post below: