Whenever two celebrities are seen together maybe at events, parties and what have you, gossips should please learn to keep their mouths shut. Guess why? Because by the time they start running their mouths left, right and centre, they dissuade them from getting on fine. Gossips have scattered lots of relationships that would have headed to the altar, leaving the ‘lovebirds’ confused.

I hear that Tonto and Mike, two Nollywood acts are like five and six now. The two light skinned actors were spotted strolling into the VIP lounge of Club Papas. They came in the same car and also left the venue together and of course, in the same ride and drove off to heaven knows where at the wee hours of the day.

Ehn? What’s yo ur business? Let’s pray that gossips would leave them alone. I have the feeling that something good may come out of this outing. Or have you ever imagined what happens when a goat is placed beside a tuber of yam? If the goat does not eat it completely, it takes a bite little by little. So Mike and Tonto, ride on ‘jare,’ there is no crime hugging and necking in dark corners. Whoever that has not done this before should cast the first stone.