Sassy Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, has shown she is the queen of drama of all types, whether it is in front of the camera or real life. While the social media frenzy over reports of her ‘crashing marriage’ have remained up and down in tempo, the lady at the centre of the storm has shown that she can turn the tables anyhow and any time.

Below, Celeb Police takes a movie treatment look at the drama that has been the focal point of celebrity marriage reports for a while now. Check it out and let us know if it comes any close to the Kardashians TV show.

 First it was the removal of her hubby, Churchill’s, name from her Instagram . And that got social media and most people talking.

Then followed the apology to Mercy Johnson. Social media caught fire.

Up next was the coming out of the Personal Assistant mistress accusations against Churchill which didn’t come from Tonto Dikeh.

Then the ‘mistress,’, Rosaline Meurer comes out on entertainment TV to deny the accusations. You would think the story had ended.

Up next was the pre-birthday car gift from Churchill to their 11month-old son, Andre King. An SUV worth over N10million.

Tonto Dikeh followed suit with her own pre-birthday wishes, invoking some divine blessings upon King as she relived her pregnancy and delivery.

And then Churchill shared a photo of himself and Tonto together, a trick that caught most people following the drama as it was widely and unwisely interpreted and reported by many as signifying that the couple were back together! Paradise restored.

Then came Quilox with their own ‘calculated’ cameo appearance, pouring fuel into the fires that were already going off. The series was back on!

And we start all over again…

Out came the maid with the ‘smoking-while-breastfeeding’ accusation that has driven Churchill mad and actually caused the fracas between him and Tonto. Heavy accusation.

Swift! That was Tonto Dikeh’s reaction to the maid’s seeming ‘sponsored’ accusation. Tonto rushes to the lab and shares an all-negative test result on social media ‘proving’ the maid wrong. Celeb Police still couldn’t penetrate the lab to confirm.

Still on the mend, the lady fingered as the ‘home-breaker’ speaks from her South Africa vacation, wrning everybody spreading rumours about her and the Churchills to back off.

And while everyone watching is wondering where all of these are headed, Tonto steps out in style to get kids back to school via her foundation, with her wardrobe chosen to cause a major diversion from the main plot of the unfolding movie. And voila, everyone switched!

Right now, it is Tonto Dikeh’s Foundation and her ragged jeans outfit to the event that everyone is talking about! The buzz now is all about the impropriety of wearing that kind of stuff to a place full of children! As we said earlier, it is hard to beat this woman in high drama. She can do and undo, making her case a big bone to chew for Celeb Police. Well, so much for a social media reality show!

But while many may have missed it, the sad reality and reminder that this might not be a real Keeping Up With The Kardashians copycat is the fact that her marriage ring, like Churchill’s name, has gone missing from her fingers too!