Right from the stage of pregnancy, a woman’s body changes and when she finally delivers, she tends to add extra pounds.

It’s a transitioning period for most women, especially new mothers who is probably not use to the feeling yet.

The irritation one feels in the change of body alone is enough to bring down the mood of a woman how much more when she is been laughed at .

Summing to the fact that many are not able to lose those fat within few months due to some complications that might be surrounding the birth of their baby.

Even at that, Cyber bullies don’t want to care about the difficulties in getting back to shape as quickly as possible after childbirth.

Most celebrities have been a victim as they get bullied for been fat due to the extra pounds gained after childbirth.

In a recent post, Nollywood sweetheart and new mom, Tonto Dikeh appreciated her fans for their warm and lovely words to her rather than body shame her.

 In her words: “I have been smiling ear to ear for days now because of your lovely comments. Yes of course I read all my comments, who lied that we don’t? That’s what we live for lol, Enjoying the Highs and Lows of it all. Y’all bursting my head with praises, Thanks my people, I couldn’t appreciate y’all individually(Baby drama) so I did this post to say, thank you all for letting me be me and appreciating my new body and not putting me down. i love you all and god bless you all.”