Nollywood actor Tony Frederick has refused to be quiet about the many things he sees in the industry especially among the actresses. He has opened up that some of the ladies in Nollywood are prostitutes and he doesn’t sound apologetic about this.


He admits “C’mon Ayo…it’ll be ridiculous for me to say it that way…because I don’t call those prostitutes actresses. They are simply prostitutes, s*x traders who have infiltrated the industry and made it look like it’s a prerequisite for becoming an actress. It’s pathetic my dear… But I know a lot of decent actresses who are doing very well.”

He added, “ Prostitution is an industry on its own. I remember someone telling me that they’ve got registration…anyways it’s easy to discern that this or that lady doesn’t have it at all as regards creativity in front of the camera, you know, apart from the good looks and their general craze with public show of nudity.