Singer, actor cum politician, Tony One Week, is currently sad after he got shocking news about the demise of his former band boy and trumpeter, Joshua.

Tony explained that Joshua went into ministering the word of God after he dissolved his band and has been going to places to preach.

Joshua was said to have moved to Cameroun, to continue his pastoral works when he died.

According to him, “God. How can Joshua die? Just like that? Joshua was my band boy. He was our trumpeter, travelling everywhere with me to perform gyration. Soon after I quit active music he became a pastor. He moved to Cameroun, preaching d word of God. That’s where he died. That’s why I ask God WHY SHOULD JOSHUA DIE?. Since I saw Chache’s post and called him to confirm, I have not been myself. It’s painful. Na waa ooo. Joshua. Rest in peace.”