These are not happy times for Tony Tetuila. Why? gathered that on Tuesday, May 12, 2009, Tetuila decided to honour an invitation to attend a birthday party hosted by one of his pals in Ikoyi. The venue of the party was the popular Insomnia Night Club (formerly known as the Reloaded) on Obafemi Awolowo Way. The celebrant was DJ Prodigy of the UNILAG FM Radio.

In a chat with, Tetuila disclosed that when he arrived at Insomnia, the party had not started, so he decided to visit K‘s Place to give his new CD to the resident disc-jockey and hang out there for a while before proceeding to the party.

While he was there, somebody came in around 12.30 am to announce that his 2006-model customized Dodge Durango, which was parked outside K‘s Place, had just been badly damaged by a reckless driver.

”When I went outside, I saw that my car and my friend‘s Pajero jeep were badly messed up by a truck,” Tetuila said. Upon inquiry, he learnt that the rampaging truck had rammed into the Dodge and the Pajero in an attempt to avoid a collision with another vehicle that was making a U-turn at the time.

Tetuila‘s damaged car was towed to an auto-garage somewhere in Apapa for repairs and he ended up not attending DJ Prodigy‘s birthday bash.

Nearly heartbroken by the incident, the dimpled star of Nigerian hip hop disclosed that the offending driver offered to take the bill for the damaged vehicle. ”But if he fixes the car, it cannot be the same anymore,” he said regretfully.