Emmanuel Edunjobi aka Emma Oh My God  is a comedian with over 200,000 Instagram followers and thousands of viewers enjoy his Youtube and Facebook posts.

In a recent chat a journalist, he confessed that a lot of ladies are always chasing after him. In his words, “I have been getting attention from ladies since I was a young boy.

Women easily get attracted to me. During my school days, they were attracted to me because I was very brilliant. In the University, I was very popular because of Comedy and in the church I was an instrumentalist. All these draw ladies to me. During my NYSC days in Lagos, I won an award in a music competition.

In fact, when I go somewhere and I don’t get attention from ladies, I feel abnormal because that’s not the norm for me. Growing up with that background, I have learnt how to handle the situation and that’s why there has been no scandal”. The talented comedian also said he is working on his music right now and will soon release a song.

He narrated that doing musicomedy is part of his strategy because it is making people realize that he can also do music. “Over time I have been asked to delve into Music, I already released a song titled Marry Me” he said.

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