Popular Nollywood actress, Belinda Effah, has revealed to PUNCH, the main reason she doesn’t like or go for heavy makeups, regardless of the occasion or event.

 The pretty petite movie star, hinted that too much make-up does not suit her face, ” I do not want to lose what God created in me. I do minimal make-up, with the help of a good make-up artist. Before any make-up artiste works on my face, I tell her not to make me look like an expensive baboon and make me lose my image. Some of them get it right while others don’t, but it is still work in progress. There is something on the table that would be revealed very soon, with time. Everybody has their brand identity; some are very loud with their make-up but because of the features of my face, I cannot be too loud with mine. Make-up does not fit me so I am very subtle with it.”

 She also talked about reasons she is hardly caught with cleavage revealing dresses; “I treasure my body so much that I cannot expose it. I don’t like exposing my body, I cannot do it. I can show some skin, just a little, but nothing out of the ordinary. When it comes to my body, i treasure my tummy the most. if I should add weight; I always ensure that my belly does not get bigger. A bulging belly takes the beauty out of one’s dressing. It does not allow the cloth to fit you properly. I am very particular about my tummy. Also my finger nails, I love to keep them clean because I hardly paint them. I have very good nails and they have natural French tips and I get compliments over them a lot.

 On why she doesn’t go about in mini-skirts and bum shorts, Belinda said, “I love them and wear them at home but I am a brand and a role model to a lot of people so whatever I wear could influence those that look up to me. If I wear such regularly, what message am I passing to them? It does not mean because I love them I must always wear them in public places. If they don’t suit the occasion, then there is no use wearing them. There was a movie premiere that I wore a bum shorts but I wore it with long transparent socks. They had a branded tee-shirt we had to wear and I wore the bum shorts on it to look hip. I think outside the box and I wear clothes that are not too crass and crude.”