Controversial Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing in a recent interview reveals one of the tools that have left many home shattered.

According to the actress, contrary to what have been said about social media, she maintained that the home wrecking tool is lies and not social media.

Blessing made this known in an interview with Saturday Sun, where she opined that she will never quit her marriage because of infidelity; rather she would stay back and fight for what she loves.

According to her, First and foremost, God will not provide me with a cheating partner, and even if he does, it will never be enough for me to quit my marriage.

I oppose cheating since no woman wants to share her husband, yet these are circumstances beyond one’s control.

By nature, men are polygamous. If I notice any indicators, I’ll have a heart-to-heart talk with him and change my methods.

I understand that humans cannot be satisfied, but I must continue to try my best.

Because there are so many attractive women around, it needs the grace of God for a man to remain faithful to a woman.

The only thing that will make me pack my belongings and leave is if a man hits me.

Nkechi, who has been parading her lover on social media recently, also claims that she is not afraid of house breakers.

“Do I have a fear of home wreckers?”

Never! Now is the time for them to come in and break us.

Is it really that simple to rob a house?

“We don’t have any skeletons in our closets, so we’re just doing our thing and going about our business.

“Relationships aren’t shattered by social media; they’re shattered by the lies partners tell themselves.

“Diggers are free to dig as much as they want; we have nothing to hide,” she said.