As a Nigerian, having Wow! Moments is almost part of daily life. Every other day there is some ridiculous news or gist that drops your jaw. But in 2010 there were definitely some things that left us in a state of shock for more than one day. A wow moment here is not necessarily a bad one. It could be bad, or good, or inspirartional or tear jerking, or just down right hilarious. Over the next few weeks we’ll be counting down the top wow moments in Naija (pop) culture for the year 2010. Let’s hope nothing happens in the next 30 days lol. So without long tings, let’s jump right into it…

Oh by the way, you have the right to disagree with me o. Freedom of speech is very encouraged on this site *smiles*

20. Lesbo Action in Edo State

Lesbian action is nothing new in Nigeria. We’ve all heard about it from our secondary school days, especially from all girl schools. This particular story however was str8 up puzzling because not only did it end up on video that landed on the internet, it was done with the full knowledge of all particpants. 2 girls in action, 1 recording, and 1 lying down on the bed acting like she’s clueless but we know she too dey watch. They all looked like they were sober and enjoying themselves while the girl with the camera was encouraging, and at some point actually participated. Me I was just shocked. Esp coming from the “conservative” society in Nigeria. I wish I could post a link to the video but I’ll leave that one abeg. Ask around or search the video… It’s definitely somewhere. I’d say the most shocking part of the video was the “pure water” commercial at the end. Pure hilarity.

19. Kelly Handsome beefing with everyone.

Over the past 2-3 years, Kelly handsome has been pretty popular for his hit “maga must pay” and last year due to some unverified reasons, Kelly handsome recorded a diss track that attacked the mo-hitts camp and Terry g. The joint Igwe (Kom Kom) became a huge hit as everyone just loved the song whether they agreed with what his was claiming or not. At least I did. 2010 rolls in, and Kelly takes it step further by recording “catch me if you can” where he takes his beef to MI, Mo-Hitts (again), Kennis Music, and rapper 2 shotz. I heard this and I was like, na wa o. Boyz are not smiling o… as in who else wey vex the guy. I’m sure for the few weeks that the song was getting a lot of play, a lot of folks had similar reactions. Like… Bros why dey vex like this now? Drink fanta chapman abeg.

18. Charlie Boy & Derenle in Love?

Charlie Boy is… well let’s just say different. Derenle is also… let’s just say special. Put these 2 together and you know there’s bound to be something interesting going on. As wild as most of our minds could’ve taken us, I doubt any of us would’ve envisioned a magazine cover with Charlie Boy and Derenle locking lips. Huh? What? From where to where? Somewhere in the article someone claimed “to be in love with derenle”… Publicity stunt? Maybe… but still pretty shocking. Even for a publicity stunt.

17. Vocal Slender from Welcome To Lagos documentary success story

Welcome to Lagos, a documentary by BBC on the flipside to the highlife living in lagos was a big hit in and around Nigeria. We all watched, or heard abnout it. We were either annoyed or glad that some issues were brought to the open. Part 1 featured an upcoming musician vocal slender who at the time of the recording was picking up trash from the streets and beaches of lagos to raise money for his album. I know personally, I watched it, felt bad for him, and went about my business. I never thought a few weeks later the same Vocal Slender would be releasing a single and making it all the way to selling his stuff on itunes, and even at some point scheduled to perform in London. Talk about a real grass to grace story. In a country where such stories are hard to come by, it was definitely a great surprise to see this happen for Vocal Slender.

16. AfroCandy and her Ikebe full of Moni

You’re sitting at home, and your friend buzzes you that “omo you need to see this video. This Naija woman has the funniest video ever.” That’s how I found out about this. I’ve seen a lot of funny videos from Naija artists, but this one just took the cake for me. I’m starring at the screen in shock as this woman almost old enough to be my mother is dancing (in an extremely raunchy way) and singing “Ikebe na moni”… “make you use am well well”… make it funnier is that she was straight up serious. Then proceeds to show us her bare nyash. As in… what the heck? Are you serious? But you know, As much as we don’t want to admit it, the song actually became somewhat of a hit… Everyone knows the chorus now,and that unforgettable beginning “Ehn ehn ehn…. Kedu ndi si na ha ji ego kedebunu noo”…”Ikebe Na Plenty Moni… Bottom power”

…stay tuned for the rest of the list