I don’t bring girls together because I want to pimp them, I bring them together because I want to help them stand on their feet. These are the words of star actress Iyabo Ojo some months back,reacting to the pimping allegations.

The controversial actress is in the news again as we gathered that she has form a new social clique named Pink Ladies.

They are the new set of young ladies who make parties tick these days.

Right now no party seems complete without the presence of these ladies as they seem to be dominating the Lagos social scene.They are young,social,educated and popular.

They also possess a kind of beauty and style that catch people’s attention when they step into a gathering.

The Pink Ladies as the name of the group connotes always attend parties wearing Pink accessories to symbolize their social group.

A social group with about 50 members from all walks of life was founded in March 2011.

According to Iyabo Ojo, It actually started like a joke in March 2011 when I was trying to prepare for my daughter’s 10th birthday.

It started with me asking few of my friends like Fadeke Momoh,Seun James,Morenike Dada and Monalisa on a conference chat on what colour to pick for the party.In the course of doing that,I tried to ping them but they didn’t get my messages so I thought I could create a group for us rather than rely on the conference chat.

Based on the fact that we decided on Pink for my daughter’s birthday,we decided to name the group Sexy Pink Ladies.

We have actresses,businesswomen and those in the corporate world members.In fact quite a lot of peole in London,America and Canada are members of the group and it is no longer a Nigerian thing,it has gone international.

It is a group with high focus.We have our priorities.We support ourselves financially,emotionally and so on.When one of us is having a party we rally round her and help make it a success.Beyond parties,we extend help to each other in so many ways and we have already initiated an NGO to support the needy but we can’t hide the fact that it is a social group that loves to stand out at any party. she said