Top-flight comedian cum entertainer extra-ordinaire Okey Mc Anthony Onyegbule, is currently angry, pissed and disappointed with the Federal Government of Nigeria, for ceding the Bakasssi Peninsula to the republic of Cameroon.

And to prove that his anger is seething, the internationally acclaimed rib cracker recently came out to officially denounce and dump Bakassi, the stage name that has brought him fame and fortune.

The funny father of three, now wants to be known and addressed on and off stage as OKB.

He has even threatened to sue anybody that refers to him as Okey Bakassi, because according to him, old things shall pass away.

OKB’s close pals are even insinuating that he has concluded plans to drag the Federal Government to court, for giving away his “stage name”, without his consent.

Well, we are still looking for OKB, to ascertain if he is actually heading to the International Court of Justice, at The Hague, or our own Supreme Court.