I am not sure this guy is a true and genuine gospel act; if he was he would have driven against the traffic sometime ago with his Hummer Jeep that has s personalized plate number registered on his surname.

Headmaster as his name connotes in English was sighted somewhere along Mangoro area of Lagos on the very busy Abeokuta Express Road and there was a not-too-congested traffic ahead, as a gospel act who should submissively submit to the laws of the nation as read in the Holy Books, he defiled it by following some indiscipline drivers who took the one-way now causing unnecessary blockage for the road users.

His Hummer nearly caused commotion along the Olu Aboderin’s street, former Punch’s office when a car came out from the street without noticing the coming hummer jeep which belongs to the gospel act who is controversial in nature and loves anything in skirts. Na wah o