This is the story of an elderly yet youthful juju maestro. This man who is well past his mid-age has a thing for the daughters of Eve. Though smallish in nature, his appetite for women is giant-sized. He is known to have broken many hearts of women and husband whose wives left them for him. The irony of it all is that this guitar-playing singer who also loves to dance doesn’t live with any woman as his wife. The latest gist about this ageless baba is that he is in hot romance with an Ibadan based Yoruba actress. The fan of the juju artiste who told us about the sizzling romance was livid with rage on how the internationally acclaimed singer could “stoop so low to date a woman with tribal marks.” The fan almost bite his tongue as he lamented that the singer and his new found lover carry on like teenagers displaying their love to all who care to look.

Not done, our disenchanted source further revealed that our juju singer has a harem of girls in Lagos whom he pays 20, 000 per night to show him the koko. To make matters worse our source went on further to say that the kingly juju musician is still fathering children despite having a bad reputation of not taking care of his children. Doesn’t the man use rubber? “Sometimes,” was our source’s contrite response. Na wa oh.

By lekems