Following the unexpected crash marriage between the Ooni Of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi and his queen Olori Wuraola; a respected and popular Ifa Priest, Yemi Elebuibon, has warned that any man who sleeps with the former Olori may earn up dying prematurely or suffer strange occurrences.

The situation does not look so bleak for any man that has eyes for Olori, as the Ifa Pries gave the way out.

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‘The wife of the Oba will be asked to consult Ifa and Ifa will give directions on how she will make the necessary atonement for her cleansing.

In Yoruba tradition, a woman who has been married to a king cannot lay with any other man even if the marriage breaks up. But when the right atonements have been made, there won’t be problem’.

He also talked about the problems the Ooni’s ex-wife might encounter if she refuses to undergo the traditional cleansing rites; ‘For the woman, she might not really have a problem but for any man who sleeps with a queen or marries an ex-queen without the appropriate cleansing, the man may die prematurely, he may be struck with sickness or there might be retrogression in his life’.

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He further said that if an ex-queen wants to remarry, she will have to do the cleansing with her new husband. “Any marriage she would be going into must not be elaborate. They should go far away and avoid any flamboyant wedding,” Elebuibon added.